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Megan Lee


Meg discovered pole in July of 2015, after many years of trying different sports and fitness regimes with no lasting interest. It took almost no time for the hobby to become a passion; she immediately bought her home pole and began learning tricks through Instagram and YouTube. Training upwards of 30+ hours a week, she began teaching group classes and [. . .]

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Rachel Yacobucci


Rachel began pole classes in 2015. Initially as a pole fitness student, Rachel excelled in daring tricks and drops that many other students were too wary to try. She grew so quickly in skill that she was made an instructor after less than a year, and taught beginner through advanced classes [. . .]

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Becky Sebo

Pole Instructor

Becky Sebo has been dancing since the age of 11 but was introduced to the pole in 2016. While completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ohio University, an injury changed her career path from choreography to social media management. Pole fitness sparked her interest as a way to dance, stay healthy and maintain her drive for movement while avoiding [. . .]

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Kristen Dolansky


Kristen grew up weightlifting and playing various sports but never found a movement activity that she truly loved. When she discovered pole in November of 2019, she never looked back. Kristen is certified in Pole Beginner & Elementary through Ecole de Pole as well as BUTI. She placed 1st in Championship Level 3 at PSO Great Lakes 2021. Kristen is currently in school [. . .]

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Emily Krueger

Pole Instructor Supervisor

Emily’s pole journey began in 2017 and was inspired by lifelong involvement in competitive dance, cheer leading, gymnastics, and a myriad of sports. She received her Bachelor’s in Movement Science at the University of Michigan and is always seeking to incorporate physical activity in her life in a way that is fun, sustainable, and gives her [ . . . ]

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Bekah Lee


After years of her sister Megan asking, Bekah finally began her pole journey in late September of 2020. She immediately became obsessed and bought her at home pole within a month of starting classes at EDP. She loves how strong and expressive pole makes her feel. Bekah is certified in Pole Beginner, Elementary, and Intermediate.

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Emily O’Shea

Pole Instructor

As a rock climber, yogi, and former competitive gymnast, Emily’s interest and pursuit of pole dance was natural. Emily is a currently certified in pole dance through intermediate by Ecole de Pole and also holds her 200 hour yoga instructor certification. Outside of her fitness pursuits, Emily holds a degree in early childhood education as well as music with a focus in vocal performance.

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Alexa Ewan

Pole Instructor

Alexa Ewan began dance classes at 3 years old in Knoxville, TN. She regularly took dance classes and performed until she was 16 when she began competing in rock climbing. After college, she moved to Cleveland to teach at a local public Montessori school and was looking for a new creative and athletic outlet. She found pole at Ecole De Pole Cleveland in July of [ . . . ]

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Carissa Stefancin

Pole Instructor

Carissa was first introduced to pole in 2012 and was immediately enamored. With minimal dance background but a strong lifelong interest in gymnastics, Carissa was excited to discover a passion that combined dance and fitness. As she began her beginner classes, she realized pole was not only increasing her strength and flexibility, but also strengthening her [ . . . ]

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Ashley Savoy

Pole Instructor

Ashley has been active in sports her entire life, competing in basketball, swimming, softball and collegiate level track and field as a hurdler. Continuing still, she always wanted to try a pole class. Finally in January 2020 she did and has loved it ever since. Pole dance has opened her eyes to a new community where she’s learned so many things about [ . . . ]

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Sam Sycz

Aerial Instructor

Samantha found Aerial Yoga in 2012 when she was looking for a way to workout while a shoulder injury healed. The workouts were fun, challenging, and, most importantly, could easily be modified. Aerial took Sam out of her comfort zone and challenged her in new and exciting ways. This is why she loves giving students that extra push to overcome those [. . .]

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Jess Bowers

Pole Instructor

Jessica discovered pole in October 2020 when she needed a distraction from her husbands cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment downtown at the Cleveland Clinic. Already a Buti Yoga, Bands, Sculpt, & Hot Core instructor and 200hr CYT, she needed something new and challenging in her life, and pole was both of those and so [. . .]

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Front Desk

When Molly was young she found her love of movement and dance, competing in competitive cheerleading for eight years and then switching over to field hockey. When her time cheerleading and playing field hockey came to an end, she realized that she missed the movement and dance aspect in her life. She discovered pole in 2022 and fell in love straight away. Molly is a student at Kent State University majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing.

m in 2022 after poling for many months as a member. You can find her working the front desk at our Akron location.

Jessica Carter

Pole Instructor

Since she was a child, Jess has always had a passion for ballet and gymnastics. Though financial circumstances would not allow her to pursue these specific passions, her desire never went away. In 2020, Jess took her first pole class and has been committed to her progress ever since! Jess is certified in Pole Beginner/Elementary and now enjoys watching her students progress and flourish.

Jess holds a Master’s of Educational Administration and works as an educational consultant. In her spare time, Jess loves spending time with her family, watching stand-up comedy, and reading.

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Melissa Greenwood

Pole Instructor

From a young age, Melissa has always been in the pursuit of staying active through sports and general movement. She tried her first pole class in 2016 after seeing a pole dance video on Facebook and never looked back! While the journey of life has taken different twists and turns, pole has remained an outlet for expression, movement, healing, power, and joy. Melissa is certified as an EDP Pole instructor through Intermediate level and placed 1st in Level 3 Freedance at PCS in 2022 on the Ecole de Pole Competition Team. Beyond the studio, she’s a formulation chemist and takes every chance she can to be outside or enjoy simple hobbies around her home.



Pole Instructor

Aiko started training as a gymnast when she was 3 years old and continued until 2009. From there she competed in Fencing, Swimming/Diving, and Bouldering (but this one was just for fun!). After moving to Cleveland, she attended her first pole class at EDP in 2021 and has enjoyed the blend of strength, coordination and grace poledancing requires, as well as the wonderful community it fosters. Aiko is EDP Certified to teach Pole Beginner/Elementary and Stretch. Outside of pole, Aiko is a Trilingual Sign Language Interpreter working all around Northeast Ohio in a variety of settings.

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Pole Instructor

Adeline has been dancing since she was 8 years old and started pole dancing in 2021. Adeline started pole fitness as a way to reconnect with her passion for dance and to join a supportive community. Pole fitness has become an integral part of Adeline’s life as she looks forward to coming to the studio each week! Adeline is EDP Pole Beginner/Elementary certified and competed in PCS in 2023. Outside of pole, Adeline is pursuing her MD/MS at Cleveland Clinic and is aspiring to become an OB/GYN.


Lyra Instructor



Aerial Instructor

Didi started her yoga journey at the beginning of college, after her flute professor recommended it to build breath support. She found the practice and discipline allowed her to breathe better, develop a deeper connection to her body, and built confidence. After moving back to Cleveland, she was able to dive even deeper into her newfound love for movement. She has gone on to learn and teach aerial yoga, aerial hammock, hoop, yoga, barre, pole, [ . . . ]

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Krissy Lloyd

Pole Instructor

Krissy has been an athlete from the very beginning. From softball to basketball, collegiate volleyball, and now pole, she has explored various sports throughout her life. She started pole in July of 2021 on a whim and immediately fell in love with the practice. Krissy has been with Ecole de Pole since October of 2022. She is certified as an EDP Pole Beginner/Elementary instructor and competed in PCS in 2023. Outside of pole, she is a software engineer who loves all things fitness.

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Front Desk

Aubree has loved dance and movement as long as she can remember. Hula hooping has been her outlet for many years and made her realize how important expression with movement can be to a body, mind, and soul. Aubs started at EDP in the summer of 2021 looking for new ways to exercise and move. Find her running the front desk at our Cleveland studio!