Megan Lee


Meg discovered pole in July of 2015, after many years of trying different sports and fitness regimes with no lasting interest. It took almost no time for the hobby to become a passion; she immediately bought her home pole and began learning tricks through Instagram and YouTube. Training upwards of 30+ hours a week, she began teaching group classes and [. . .]

Rachel Yacobucci Becerra


Rachel began pole classes in 2015. Initially as a pole fitness student, Rachel excelled in daring tricks and drops that many other students were too wary to try. She grew so quickly in skill that she was made an instructor after less than a year, and taught beginner through advanced classes, always being sure to exhibit a demeanor of warm confidence and [. . .]

Becky Sebo

Studio Manager & Pole Instructor

Becky Sebo has been dancing since the age of 11 but was introduced to the pole in 2016. While completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ohio University, an injury changed her career path from choreography to social media management. Pole fitness sparked her interest as a way to dance, stay healthy and maintain her drive for movement while avoiding […]


Pole Instructor

Eva began her pole journey in 2015 and was, like so many others, addicted after her very first class. Eva was initially drawn to pole because of its ability to marry power, strength, beauty, art, and sensuality. Those mix of forces kept Eva coming back for more, as she was always thirsty for another move, another project to play with and perfect. From pole […]

Meghan Sturges

Yoga Instructor

Meghan received her 200 RYT at Chagrin Yoga in 2013 and has been teaching and growing in the practice ever since. Her favorite yoga classes to lead are power classes; she loves the challenge power provides her students, but also likes to be able to offer all levels modifications and hands-on assistance to each individual. Meghan has taught many different workshops in the past including inversions […]

Stephanie Shoop

Aerial Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Shoop started doing aerial yoga almost two years ago on a whim – a friend suggested taking a class and (luckily), Stephanie reluctantly agreed. She developed a passion for flying in the air and went on to become certified as a teacher in Aerial Yoga, fitness and tricks through Emily Mariola. Outside of aerial yoga, Stephanie is a resident physician in Family Medicine and hopes to own her own practice and wellness center in the  [. . .]

Hannah Bender

Pole Instructor

Hannah was a volleyball player for ten years, but struggled to find a fun workout after she graduated and experienced two separate knee injuries. In January 2017, she took her first pole class and fell in love. Hannah was unable to get enough of her new passion and bought a home pole after one month of classes. Pole dance has not only brought a healthy workout into her life, but a great community and [. . .]