Workshops and Special Events

Intro to Flying Pole Workshop

Come fly with us! This class is suitable for polers at a Pre-Intermediate level and up. Join your instructor for an hour of individualized instruction on the Flying Pole, a pole that hangs from a swivel on the ceiling and rotates around the rigging point. This apparatus adds a whole new dimension to your pole practice. The workshop will focus on the fundamentals of building momentum and spin play, as well as grounding tactics to completely control the pole. Spots are extremely limited.

Pole Beginner/Elementary Instructor Certification

January 23rd-24th 12pm-6pm

Are you passionate about POLE and want to make it your career? Or want to take your training to the next level? Then the Ecole de Pole MASTER Training series is for you! Our accredited instructor Training Courses are internationally recognized and available across the globe.

Based on functional teaching methodology written by Justine McLucas, participants will develop a high skill level in technical instruction, by identifying muscles and joints used in pole grips and tricks, ways to correct technique, build strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on safety and injury prevention to support students throughout their pole journey.

Suitable as an instructor training tool for both new or experienced teachers, the courses provide insight and skills for the pole dancer wishing to further their own personal understanding of the mechanics of pole movement even if not to teach, but to apply improved techniques to their pole training.

EDP MASTER Training Courses are approved by Fitness Australia, the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and PDC (Pole Dance Community UK, Europe, USA) .