Megan Lee

Meg discovered pole in July of 2015, after many years of trying different sports and fitness regimes with no lasting interest. It took almost no time for the hobby to become a passion; she immediately bought her home pole and began learning tricks through Instagram and YouTube. Training upwards of 30+ hours a week, she began teaching group classes and privates after six months. In 2017, she had the opportunity to open Ecole de Pole Cleveland, the first Ecole de Pole to open in the United States with her partner, Rachel. She has enjoyed teaching classes almost every day of the week since the studio opened. Meg is a competitive athlete and placed 1st in the Amateur Division of PCS 2019 in Columbus, Ohio, and 2nd in Championship Level 5 at PSO Great Lakes 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. In 2021, she competed once more at PSO Great Lakes 2021 and placed 2nd in Championship Level 5, and then PSO Sagittarius 2021 and placed gold, ensuring her entry into 2022 Nationals.

In her spare time, Meg likes to veg out and play video games, read, and sleep.