Introducing the first annual Pole in the Land Showcase, a local pole fitness event aimed at bolstering our pole community, bringing artists and athletes together, and sharing our love for pole and the aerial arts in this beautiful city of ours!

Cleveland is growing, evolving, and changing every day, and the pole fitness community is doing the same. Pole in the Land is a way to connect with and support the pole artists and athletes in Cleveland, encouraging their journeys, clapping for their amazing performances, and enjoying a day of camaraderie filled with local vendors, laughter, and positive energy.

Pole in the Land is an all-inclusive event regardless of level, studio affiliation, background, or experience. Although hosted and organized by Ecole de Pole Cleveland, this event is open to all!


April 28, 2024


1278 West 9th St,

Cleveland, OH 44113



Our goal is to showcase the many polers and types of pole in Cleveland. Bring your style and perform for the city while meeting and connecting with the pole community of Cleveland. If you’re a pole dancer in Cleveland or the surrounding area and would like to perform in the showcase, please submit your application. The number of performers will be limited due to the space of the venue and single day event. After your application is approved, you will be contacted with further steps to complete your registration. Don’t hesitate to apply or reach out with questions! You can contact us by calling 216-795-5575, texting 216-466-0066, emailing us at, or messaging us on social media.


Participants have up until a week after registration closes to make changes to their category. We may move you into a different category ourselves if you do not meet the requirement for the category entered. 

If you are entering 2 different categories, you must have a different routine for each category. Pole in the Land will do our best to check for accuracy in this, but ultimately that’s your responsibility.


This is the main category of the event and will feature pole fitness, pole dance, and pole art performances ranging from the Elementary level up through Elite. Performances can be done in heels, shoes, or barefoot but the performance itself must not be sensual or exotic in nature (no stripping, twerking, rubbing etc).There is no feedback provided in this category. This is a good category for performers looking to simply showcase their talents, get on stage, and perform a choreographed routine.

Showcase Plus

This category encapsulates everything in the Showcase category, but with added feedback and judging scores based on the elements of performance from local coaches with previous competition judging experience. This is a good category to enter to prepare for a competition.


This category is for the artists and athletes that wish to freestyle their piece. No need to have a routine choreographed for this one. You will still choose your music and must still submit music as normal.


This category is open to doubles and groups of 6 people or less. 

All members of a group or doubles performance must apply, register, and pay separately in order to be included in the event. 

 Adult Only 18+

This category is for the pole dancer or pole artist wishing to perform an exotic, sensual, or heels piece. You may wear heels in other categories besides Adult Only 18 +, but the performance itself must not be sensual or exotic in nature (no stripping, twerking, rubbing etc).


To host this event that will display and connect the pole community in Cleveland, we will be relying on volunteers to help things run smoothly. Anyone can volunteer and it is a great way to support the community as well as meet new people. Performers are welcome to volunteer as well. We will be needing:

Stage Monitors: Stage Monitors will be backstage with the performers and make sure that everyone is on time for their performance. You will be cuing the music manager, and directing backstage traffic.

Pole Cleaners: Pole Cleaners help keep the poles clean and fresh for every performer. You must be able and willing to climb an 11′ pole between 15-30 times in 2-4 hours. Pole cleaners should wear pole clothing that meets Pole in the Land Costume Standards for coverage.

Door Monitor: Door Monitors will be checking wristbands for spectators as they enter the performance space.


There is limited space at the performance venue and vendors will be extremely limited. By submitting this application you are agreeing to pay the $75 vendor fee if approved. Pole in the Land vendors are able to promote their brand, make sales at the event, and not break the bank with vendor fees.

If you are a vendor you can provide advertisement and/or swag for performers and attendees when they check in. This could be a card advertising ‘visit our booth and get a $ off your purchase today’ or another item to alert participants to your booth.

What comes with the booth?

  • 2 tickets to event for booth staff
  • Wireless internet
  • Electricity (you supply extension cords and power strips)
  • Your logo on the Pole in the Land website
  • Your brand announced at event
  • Your brand announced on Pole in the Land social media
  • Enough space for an 8′ table

You can purchase 2 booth spaces if you want more room. Spaces are first come first serve during allotted setup times. Booth sharing is allowed with no additional cost, just remember you only get 8′ of space.