Rachel Yacobucci

Rachel has a colorful fitness background in hiking, biking, dance, yoga, and soccer, all of which allowed her a firm basis when she began pole classes in 2015. Rachel trained independently, under Megan, and, eventually, with Megan as her equal pole partner, excelling in daring tricks and drops that many other students were too wary to try. Rachel grew so quickly in skill that she was made an instructor after less than a year, and taught beginner through advanced classes, always being sure to exhibit a demeanor of warm confidence and encouragement. Her EDP Beginner through Advanced Pole Certifications, 200 HR RYT, Buti Yoga, Hot Buti Yoga, and Deep Yoga certifications provide her with extensive body awareness. Her classes are famous for an enthusiastic atmosphere that is designed for each individual to accept and love their authentic selves. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading and outdoor activities. She holds a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science from Bellevue University and is working towards her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.