Celebrating a birthday, bachelorette, or special occasion? Or simply want a night out with your friends? Come book your pole party today at Ecole de Pole Cleveland! Let our certified instructors lead you and your friends through an hour and a half of fun dance and sexy moves!


Important Information:

-A party is any group of 5 or more participants. The party fee per participant is $30 each. Everyone who attends must pay, even if they are not participating in the lesson. There can be less than 5 people in attendance but the fee is the same as if there were 5 people. Maximum amount of people for a party is 20 people.

-The party runs for 1 ½ hours and can be tailored to suit the group (pole fitness/sexy/lapdance/floorwork) and can be discussed at the time of booking.

A minimum deposit is necessary to book the party. (5) students at ($30) per student = $150 needed to book the party (nonrefundable).

-Ecole de Pole Cleveland reserves the right to cancel your party if you are over 20 minutes later than the scheduled time.

Call to reserve today! 216-795-5575