Megan Lee

With a strong background in the fitness world, Megan has participated in just about every sport available to her all throughout elementary and high school. She excelled in conditioning sports such as track, yet also balanced her workouts with expression based dance such as contemporary and belly dance. Two years ago, she began her pole fitness journey, and flew to the top of her classes until, eventually, there were no instructors in the Greater Cleveland area skilled enough to teach her. Her pole specialties include spin pole focused on fast movements, clean transitions, and powerful tricks. She has been teaching beginner through advanced pole fitness classes since the beginning of 2016, and has headlined several showcases, taught multiple specialized workshops, and has watched hundreds of students accomplish feats that they never thought they would be able to perform, all due to her diligent care and teaching techniques. Megan is certified in EDP Beginner through Advanced Pole as well as Buti Yoga. In her off days, Megan feeds into her other passion: writing. She also enjoys archery, Buti Yoga, fishing, and horseback riding. Megan has an Associate’s in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s in English from Baldwin Wallace.