Megan Lee

With a strong background in the fitness world, Megan has participated in just about every sport available to her all throughout elementary and high school. She excelled in conditioning sports such as track, yet also balanced her workouts with expression based dance such as contemporary and belly dance. Two years ago, she began her pole fitness journey, and flew to the top […]

Rachel Yacobucci

Rachel has a colorful fitness background in hiking, biking, dance, yoga, and soccer, all of which allowed her a firm basis when she began pole classes in 2015. Rachel trained independently, under Megan, and, eventually, with Megan as her equal pole partner, excelling in daring tricks and drops that many other students were too wary to try […]


Eva began her pole journey in 2015 and was, like so many others, addicted after her very first class. Eva was initially drawn to pole because of its ability to marry power, strength, beauty, art, and sensuality. Those mix of forces kept Eva coming back for more, as she was always thirsty for another move, another project to play with and perfect. From pole […]


Carissa was first introduced to pole in 2012 and was immediately enamored. With minimal dance background but a strong lifelong interest in gymnastics, Carissa was excited to discover a passion that combined dance and fitness. As she began her beginner classes, she realized pole was not only increasing her strength and flexibility, but also strengthening her connection to others […]

Eton Barrett

Ethan (Eton) Barrett began practicing Acro Yoga in 2012. He studied under several different teachers and at several different locations, both in Ohio, New York City, and in Florida, and has been to many different Acro training programs such as Acroshare and Acro Ohio. He started teaching Acro in Tamp, Flordia, where he hosted a class weekly as well as ran workshops focusing on the different fundamentals […]

Meghan Sturges


Justine McLucas

Justine is the founder of Ecole de Pole, first established in London, and now in Singapore and Cleveland, Ohio! Australian-born Justine started dancing at 3… Graduating from the Hamburg Ballet School at 18, she then went on to complete an Arts degree in Asian Studies, Thai & Anthropology at the University of Sydney before moving to London […]