New Policies & Information

After being closed for more than two months as mandated by the state, we are now so pleased to announce that we will be reopening the studio for class use beginning May 26th, 2020. Classes will resume on a limited schedule for the first week. After June 1st more in studio classes will be added. However, for the foreseeable future we will be offering both in studio AND virtual classes!

When looking at the schedule, you will see there will be certain classes that have a duplicate class of the same name, at the exact same time. The virtual option will say VIRTUAL at the end of the class title, and the in-person option will say STUDIO at the end of the class title. Please sign up for the option that you will be utilizing. If you accidentally sign up for the STUDIO class when you meant to learn VIRTUALLY, you will NOT be sent the Zoom link and may miss out on the class. 

Our schedule has a new breakdown of detailed levels. Please make sure to check the prerequisites here to book the correct class level. If you are uncertain of your level please contact to confirm.


Spacing, Capacity, Numbers:

  • Reduced class sizes and only (1) client to a pole set over six feet apart. This includes the instructor teaching and his/her pole. No sharing of poles will be allowed.
  • Eliminate our lost and found.
  • Clients and staff will maintain distance in the lobby and during classes when applicable. 
    • There may be appropriate times in a class setting where spotting and hands-on adjustments are necessary. Our first method of instruction will not be hands-on; we will cue vocally as much as possible and only plan on using hands-on spotting and adjusting when such scenarios deem necessary. If you do not want hands-on adjustments or spotting, all staff of Ecole de Pole Cleveland will respectfully give you vocal cues on a regression for that particular move/skill.
  • Continue our log-in procedures for members/clients, and maintain that information for potential contact tracing. This information will ONLY be used to contact clients regarding potential infection. We will NEVER give this information to outside bodies for any reason, whether health care or otherwise.


  • Hand washing or sanitizing upon entry to the studio is required by all clients and staff.
  • Use sanitizer products that meet the CDC guidelines.
  • Have sanitizing products available throughout the facility for staff and clients.
  • Provide cleaning products for sanitizing equipment before and after use by clients, with equipment cleaning backed up by staff.
  • Routine disinfection of high-contact surfaces, desk workstations, restrooms, as well as equipment.
  • Deep-cleaning after hours and between each class, including but not limited to sweep/mopping, bleaching surfaces, vacuuming, spraying down walls/mirrors, sanitizing door handles/light switches, and other commonly touched objects, sanitizing bathrooms and refilling cleaning products as needed.
  • Doors will be propped open to avoid contact.


  • Posted signs for reminders regarding hand washing and sanitizing of equipment.

Air Circulation:

  • Open air circulation via the many available windows in all studios will be utilized. There may be appropriate times in which the air conditioning on very hot days must be turned on for the health of the students within. Doors will be propped open between studios to encourage air flow when the HVAC system is being utilized.

Common Areas and Equipment:

  • Clients will be aware of where they are storing their belongings to maintain appropriate social distance.
  • Necessary seating will be available in the lobby area of the studio. Clients will be aware of their seating/lounging arrangements between classes, and maintain social distance as they deem appropriate. Clients will be courteous to others regarding this issue.
  • Public areas and restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every two hours using EPA-registered disinfectants, particularly on high-touch surfaces such as toilets, doorknobs and light switches, whether used or not.
  • Public restrooms will maintain automatic facets to reduce contact.
  • Cleaning supplies in the bathrooms will constantly be restocked to use at the leisure of the clients/staff.
  • Clients will be cognizant of the number of people in the restrooms and changing and reduce the use to one student at a time.
  • Showers will be disabled to clients until further notice.
  • No hand towels or body towels of any kind will be available in the studio for client use. Equipment towels for cleaning equipment ONLY will be available to clients and staff. It is recommended that clients bring their own towel for personal use. Appropriate temperatures will be used when washing and drying equipment towels to ensure sanitation.
  • Yoga mats will no longer be readily available for use by clients. It is recommended that students bring their own yoga mats. Studio yoga mats may be rented, however, it is required that the mat be cleaned by both the student and a staff member after every use. 
  • Other equipment such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, massage balls etc. will no longer be available for use. Clients are welcome to bring their own tools and the classes will be adapted for those without props.
  • Clients will no longer be able to use the bottom portion of the water fountain. Only the automatic sensored bottle refill portion will be available for use to reduce contact.
  • Clients may shop in the boutique area only when necessary. If products are needed for purchase they may be requested and a staff member will provide the item from the sanitized storage area.


  • Staff will be provided instruction on COVID-19 prevention.
  • Staff members are encouraged to take their temperature and perform self-assessment. and not report to work if they are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Staff members are able to wear facial coverings at all times, though it is not advisable to wear facial coverings for health reasons based on the nature of our work.
  • Staff members will be cognizant of social distancing from clients and other staff members.
  • Staff members will only be in the facility when necessary.



  • Per the July 7/7/20 Ohio Health Order: Utilizing a mask or covering is required while in the lobby, restrooms, or anytime someone is not in a class unless there is another exemption listed on the order that applies to the individual.
  • Clients must conduct self-assessment and not enter the studio if they are exhibition symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • All clients must sign a waiver and acknowledgement form even if they have a previous release on file.
  • Clients will be cognizant of social distancing before, during, and after classes. It is recommended that clients do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to class. 
  • Clients will no longer assist other students in spotting.
  • Clients may wear face coverings if they desire. HOWEVER, clients will be cognizant of the fact that masks greatly reduce access to oxygen. We do not recommend wearing masks while engaging in any physical activity (specifically cardio-style classes, classes that require inversion, whether aerial or floor, and classes where the client may be higher than ground level) due to the risk factors of oxygen loss. We HIGHLY suggest only wearing a mask in the common areas and lobby when necessary. We do NOT suggest wearing any sort of face covering during class.
  • Clients incur any risk regarding their decision to wear a face covering or not.
  • Only clients participating in classes will be welcome in the lobby. Additional friends and family members cannot wait during classes in the seating area.


  • If any individual develops symptoms while at the facility they will be immediately isolated and medical care will be sought.
  • The space will be deeply sanitized.
  • If a client or staff member receives a test reading positive for COVID-19, Ecole de Pole staff will immediately contact each student in close class contact with COVID-19 patient and inform them of the potential risk. It is a client or staff member’s duty to inform Ecole de Pole if they do, in fact, test positive for COVID-19.