Things to Know:

We are certain you will love pole dancing, yoga, and training your aerial skills with us at Ecole de Pole Cleveland! Here are a few tips and things to know about the studio and making your booking to ensure you come prepared and have the best time in your classes with us.

  • We have cubbies to place your belongings. We also have restrooms and a shower facility if needed.
  • Bookings must be made in advance online. We cannot reserve a place or guarantee there is room for you in the class without payment online or through the Mindbody App beforehand. If you are having any difficulties with booking, please call or email so we can assist.
  • You should wear shorts or pole shorts and a comfortable top for Pole classes (heels or bare feet depending on which class you are taking). For Flexibility or Yoga simply wear normal workout attire. For aerial yoga please wear leggings and clothing without metal, velcro, or zippers. It is recommended to bring warm up gear like leggings or track pants and sweaters for the warm up in any Dance and Fitness class.
  • You can re-arrange your class on our Mind Body booking system within the cancellation window (for most classes this is up to 24 hours prior). Clients will be charged a $15 fee for cancellations within the 24 hour window. Workshops, Parties, and Pole Camps cannot be cancelled online, please read the separate terms and conditions for these events.
  • We DO NOT offer refunds, so please check your booking before purchase. You can re-schedule your class to another session on Mind Body with at least 24 hours notice, pertaining to the Terms & Conditions for your class type. While every effort is made to ensure that your class or workshops commence as planned, Ecole de Pole Cleveland reserves the right to cancel or revise any course time or instructor as necessary. If a class is cancelled, students will be notified. Every effort will be made to find an alternative class in lieu of any cancelled session. Refunds may be offered in exceptional circumstances.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for class so you can get settled in, chit-chat and get comfortable before you start. Make sure you read the T&C and Health & Safety Regulations on checkout and before you to come to your first class, and read Studio Etiquette and Policies.
  • If you are an instructor at another pole studio please disclose this before booking & contact the office as a surcharge may be applied of up to 15% per class.
  • Parking is free at the parking meters on West 9th after 6 PM Monday-Thursday as well as Friday from 6p-9p, Saturday until 9pm and all day Sunday.  Please pay attention to special parking restrictions posted during special events downtown. You are allowed to park in the Leasing Office spaces and Constantino’s spaces FOR FREE AT ANY TIME granted that there are spots available. Please try to park on the street first though. There is plenty of parking available. 


Pole Tricks & Technique (Levels)

The Pole Beginner & Elementary class will introduce you to the art of pole fitness by building strength in your core and upper body, improving flexibility, lengthening your posture, and bringing some confidence and excitement to the way you move and hold yourself through the spins and poses. This class is for those who have no (or very little) Pole fitness or dance background, and is tailored to polish up the most basic of spins, tricks, and combinations.

Pole Intermediate 1 & 2 is where your pole fitness journey really begins heating up. As you have now conquered all Beginner & Elementary spins and poses, you are ready to move into more technique-based combos, as well as basic inverts. As you get used to being able to hang upside-down, Intermediate 1 & 2 will focus on strength and conditioning exercises vital to good form. Leg hangs and laybacks make appearances at this level. It is recommended to take at least one Whack Me and Stretch class a week to keep up with all your newfound skills.

In Pole Advanced 1 & 2, you will be introduced to some challenging tricks and combos on the pole, including the rite of passage, the Handspring. Hip holds, superman, shoulder mounts, brass monkey, and Ayeshas await in Pole Advanced 1 & 2. More advanced pole handstands and flips will also be introduced in these levels. Must have a firm basis in all Intermediate moves, including aerial spinning inversion. Taking this class in conjunction with Whack Me and Stretch comes highly recommended.

Suitable for those students who have graduated from all below levels, including Advanced 1 & 2. Pole Advanced 3 & Pro is where your pole fitness training gets tested to the absolute limit, with high-intensity conditioning and power spins, to core-intensive flares, to extreme inverted tricks and daring drops, to splits and backbends galore. Your instructor will bring you through a focused cardio/flexibility warmup. Must be able to comfortably handspring, shouldermount, and have some grasp on flexibility.

Specialty Classes


Open Pole is an hour window where those wishing to practice are welcome to come to train for half the price of a regular drop-in pole class. There is no instructor coaching, although there is always a member of the staff inside the studio. Students are welcome to plug in their music, bring their pole pals, and work on those new trendy tricks floating around on Instagram or a new competition piece. Must take a class or be assessed BEFORE signing up for an open pole.

All levels welcome, Beginners through Advanced! Suitable for all levels working to improve their flexibility. No matter where you are in your flexibility training, Stretch will focus on your trouble spots to safely deepen your stretches and transform the way your body can bend. Set to a chill playlist with a vinyasa style warmup. There is no pole in Stretch, so the class is open to nonpolers. But, if you are a poler, Stretch is a great way to give yourself consistent flexibility training to increase the range of motion when on the pole.

Buti Yoga ® workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice.

Buti® Bands is a HIIT-based resistance training workout targeted to LIFT + SHAPE your BOOTY while toning + strengthening the hips. Bands are utilized during high-intensity intervals to challenge the body through all planes of motion while targeting the hips and booty through lateral engagement. During low-intensity intervals, students move through static yoga poses to release the muscle group targeted during the high-intensity interval. This class includes a yoga based warm-up and cool down.

Acro Yoga is a yoga practice that meshes yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. You work with a partner to establish humility, concentration, and trust. Each class is tailored to the level of the individuals from beginner to advanced.

Come fly with us during this hour-long aerial yoga class on our quality hammocks! The hammock acts like a swing or soft trapeze, supporting the hips for forward bends and back bends. Yoga postures which some find difficult to do on the ground are more accessible in the air. The benefits of aerial yoga are numerous, including increasing blood circulation, lengthening the spine, and decompressing the lower back.

Additional Services

Perfect way to celebrate the BACHELORETTE’s (or the BACHELOR’S) big day or a BIRTHDAY!  A Pole Dancing Party!

All party classes include a full fun warm up, pole tricks, spins, a sexy routine, and cool down. You are welcome to bring snacks & nonalcoholic drinks.

Contact us for more details and to see if your desired date and time is available before you book.

Not only do we regularly have some of the best champion Pole Stars from around the globe visiting us to share their amazing pole knowledge, we often also hold fun other workshops such as Twerk & Booty Popping, Burlesque, Latin, Belly Dance, Ballet, Hoola Hoop or Aerial skills, or one off Spinning Pole lessons, Ecole de Pole invites regular leading performers from the industry to give you the chance to experience many different styles of dance, movement and show experiences!  Make sure you check both the regular class schedule and workshops tab on MindBody for Guest and In House workshops.

Our Guests: Marlo Fisken, Saulo Sarmiento, Natasha Wang, Karol Helms, Alethea Austin, Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Stanek, Anastasia Sukhrotova, Evgeny Greshilov, Hanka Venselaar, Sasja Fierce, Amanda Rose, Samantha Star, Dakota Fox, Sammy Lee, Suzie Q & Toby J, Oona Kivela, Carlie Hunter, Amy Hazel, Amber Ray, Marion Crampe, Heidi Coker, Nadia Shariff, Gal BePole.. to name a few!

One to one coaching (also available as 2 to 1 or shared as a three or small group of 4) – tailored to your own specific needs and goals with you and the instructor! All our instructors are available to book for privates, please contact us to enquire about availability and book a private lesson.

A chance to jam around on the poles, see what others are doing and meet fellow addicted polers at the studio! You can treat the group as a test audience and have a chance to practice in front of a group for an upcoming comp or show.. workshop insta and youtube combos… get together with your friends from your technique and sexy classes!  ALL WELCOME!  Bring along a friend you want to introduce to pole so they can see what it’s all about and meet some of the EDP Family!

We also regularly host STUDENT SHOWCASES & PARTIES in local venues around Cleveland often in conjunction with our Pole Camps, where you can try out performing in a non judgmental and non competitive environment – plus be treated to some fantastic shows by other students and instructors too! Ecole de Pole often supports a charity at the jams and showcases. Keep an eye on the Ecole de Pole Cleveland Facebook page and the general class schedule for upcoming POLE JAMS and SHOWCASES!

Ecole de Pole founder, Justine McLucas, also created the super successful “Eat Sleep Pole Retreat” Pole Camps that started in 2012 in Barcelona, and have since run 2-3 camps EVERY YEAR in different locations such as Mallorca, Poland, Singapore and London (and from 2017 a new one in Thailand too!)  There are always groups for Intermediate level polers, and the Advanced/ pro’s separate to give everyone the opportunity to come along no matter what your poling level!

The Ecole de Pole Camps are known for their star worthy instructor line ups, off the hook parties and activities, bringing polers from across the globe together to enjoy training and holidaying with like minded people! Guys and Girls all welcome – and there are always packages allowing you to bring your non-poling hubby’s/ boyf’s/ kids or friends too so they can join in on the activities and showcases whilst you holiday together! Check out the Pole Camp page for more info on upcoming camps this year!  Our Regular pole camps in the London Studio include EASTER and SUMMER every year, plus an overseas one in an exotic location!

Book one of our Acrobatic & Artistic Pole & Dance Performers and you can also RENT a STAGE POLE for an act or event.

Have us perform at your event or teach workshops in your studio: pole dancing, contortion, lyrical or contemporary pole, dance & choreography, hand balancing, acro yoga, and more. Contact us directly for more information.

We rent out our studios for private rentals by the hour (for photoshoots / rehearsals etc). We do not rent our studios for others to run their own classes however.

We also rent out X-Stages for events so contact us for more info on having Pole at your event.